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About Us

Our highly skilled Customer Service Team handle a wide variety of enquiries and deliver solutions for a vast range of projects. We are also called upon by the most experienced buyers to provide solutions for special manufacturing techniques, or to source unusual materials.

Operating using the most advanced technologies and equipment, we offer a fast turnaround service 24 hours per day. This coupled to a large flexible capacity, gives us the ability to meet the most demanding customer deadlines.

Whether you are a sole trader or a global financial services company our commitment to quality involves helping you make the right decisions. That could range from deciding on the best process to choosing the right paper from the many options available. After all, the way your communication feels is often as important as how it looks.

Throughout your project we work closely with you and are always in touch to make sure your needs are being met at every stage. In our experience good relationships are the best way to achieve tangible results.